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Hi, I'm a DesignerMakerArtist,
Lover of Comics,  Aspiring Grill Master,
& Insufferable Punster living in New York City.

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Wearable electronics explorations

Wearable Explorations

Rapid prototyping and concept development of Wearable Electronics & Soft Circuitry.

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Pet electronic fur


A piece of fur that can detect petting. And it purrs.

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Weather Whiskers app design

Weather Whiskers

Interface Design, Brand Identity, and Content Creation for a cat-themed weather app on iOS and Android.

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Mindspark brand design

Mindspark Rebrand

Brand Identity and Logo Design for an established internet application company. Collaboration with Marie McGwier.

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Almost Cooked brand design


Interface Design and Brand Identity for a recipe website and unreleased iOS app.

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Halloween Freaky-nomics infographic

Halloween Freaky-nomics

Infographic displaying spending in America for Halloween.

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Native Hum art installation

Native Hum

Soft Sculpture Installation and Promotion for BFA Thesis Show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Parasitic Home art series

Parasitic Home

35mm Photography Series featuring found wasp nests on human bodies.

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Work with found images, found objects, and natural materials.

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