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Teresa Flour Lamb

Welcome to my portfolio.
This is what I love to do.

Weather Whiskers app design

Weather Whiskers

Interface Design, Brand Identity, and Content Creation for a cat-themed weather app on iOS and Android.

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Mindspark brand design

Mindspark Rebrand

Brand Identity and Logo Design for an established internet application company. Collaboration with Marie McGwier.

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Guidewala brand design


Logo Design and Brand Identity Concepts for a photo sharing website for world travelers.

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Almost Cooked brand design

Almost Cooked

Interface Design and Brand Identity for a recipe website and unreleased iOS app.

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Wandering Waffle brand design

Wandering Waffle

Logo Design and Brand Identity Concepts for a mobile food stand.

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Halloween Freaky-nomics infographic

Halloween Freaky-nomics

Infographic displaying spending in America for Halloween.

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Native Hum art installation

Native Hum

Soft Sculpture Installation and Promotion for BFA final show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Parasitic Home art series

Parasitic Home

35mm Photography Series featuring found wasp nests on human bodies.

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Processes triptych


A triptych of pieces made simultaneously using the same formula. Started in 2009 and finished in 2012.

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Teresa is a terribly dapper woman.

I'm originally from sunny Florida, and moved to Brooklyn after school to pursue a career in graphic design. When I'm not handcrafting internet I like to knit, paint, read, collage, and bind books. On a good day, I can be witty, but I'm mostly known for telling groan-worthy jokes. I regularly attend a local pun competition called Punderdome 3000, though I've only competed once, as “The Punbearable Lightness of Being.” I’m grateful to have my father’s curiosity for the world, and my mother's endless optimism.

I'm currently attending grad school at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. You can see my recent schoolwork and musings at blog.teresaflourlamb.com.



Let's be friends: { @FlourLamb }

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